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How To Choose A Suitable Surfboard For Beginners

Surfing, is a water sport that requires good skills. In a simple way to play this sport is how we can stand, control and maneuver a surfboard is very impressive and make others amazed.
when you decide to pursue the hobby of surfing, surely you must have your own surfboard. this is so that you do not need to rent a surf board in place and you can practice anytime.
The following are tips to choose a surfboard that is cheap and suitable for you.

1. For Beginners, Buy a secondhand surfboard.
Surfboard is not a cheap item. this proves that the market price ranges from hundreds of U.S. dollars, even thousands of dollars. When the process of training on learning to surf, we generally tend not attention maintenance surfboard. We often overlook minor collisions on the board, which actually will affect the quality of the board later.
if you buy a new surfboard for the training process is not a wise thing. Better to use a second surfboard, a price much cheaper, although still needs a little polishing.
if you have entered into the Pro level, only then can you buy a new board.

2. Your first surfboard should be large and thick
For beginners and who would want to learn surfing is advisable to choose a surf board on a large / wide and high surf board. This type of surf board floats more stable and rejuvenate you to do paddling techniques (pedaling). For details surf board is the height should be higher than your body size.
The average size of the board good for a beginning surfer has a length of about 7 feet with a width of 19-21 inches and has a thickness of at least 2-3 inches. Instead you are confused, you can try a few boards, to find a board that makes you feel comfortable.
Small size surf board is usually worn by the surf is high-flying hours. Board of this kind are strictly forbidden in use by beginners, as in need of a particular techniques are somewhat complicated to control.

3. Do not worry about the shape of a surfboard
Every surfboard has a tail and a different number of fins. For the first 3-6 months, you really do not have to worry about turning or doing maneuvers in any way, practice continues to use the same board to be more familiar with the characteristics of your surfboard.
to become professionals must often practice and participate in championship events. I hope these tips are useful for beginners who jumped into the surf area. continue to learn and see you later