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About Ford, Introduce Ford Crate Engine 2.0L

Parts part of Ford’s engine development division announced the newest machines are prepared for the 2012 model. The machine is a 2.0-liter four-cylinder inline engine which they call “Crate Engine Concept”. As reported by Worldcarfans, the machine concept will “remove” the ranks of I-4 engine direct-injection. 2.0-liter engine with variable valve timing independent feature will be available in spring 2012.

These machines will also be
available device “plug & play” interface that includes the components required for proper installation.

The following is a specification Crate Engine 2.0-liter engine that powered Ford Racing Concept Performance Parts.

Type: Ti-VCT direct-injection I-4 the same as that used 2012 Ford Focus Displacement: 122 cubic inches Induction: Naturally aspirated.

gasoline direct-injection Horsepower range: 160-175 Torque: 145-155 lb-ft Compression ratio: 12.0:1 Bore x stroke (in): 3.44 x 3.27 Valvetrain: DOHC with twin variable camshaft timing independet Fuel delivery: engine-mounted, high-pressure, direct-injection pump.

Wow. . Ford C-MAX MPV New Options in Europe

Consumers in Europe are waiting for the presence of variants of the Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV), the latest from the manufacturer from the United States bearing the Blue Oval, Ford. Is the second generation of the Ford C-MAX and Ford Grand C-MAX is the choice of an alternative European markets for medium MPV vehicle segment.

So far, already more than 135,000 units of passenger vehicles five and seven passengers was sold, since it was first launched in 2010. This figure is two- fold greater than the older models on sale in the same period. Ford C-MAX This new generation of capture market share 6.7 to 12.7 percent.

C-MAX proves that in a highly competitive market and difficult economy, more customers respond to new products are great”, said Roelant de Waard, Ford of Europe Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Service.

The only way to double sales and market share, only in one year is able to capture customer interest, and that is able to do C- MAX,” said de Waard. Ford C-MAX capitalize four- cylinder engine or equal to Fokus.1.6 L Duratec Ford engine as the base engine C-Max, but is also available 1.6 L Duratec Ti-VCT Duratec HE and L serya 1.8/2.0 1.6/2.0 L Duratorq Ford / PSA . and this is interesting news
about the latest development