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Keeping The balance Play Skateboard

For beginner course skateboarding should know the rules, below are simple tips for beginners in your skateboard.


Familiarize yourself with the skateboard until you feel comfortable. You can do this on the lawn, make sure each of your legs just behind the skateboard deck. Now try to balance on the board skateboard without falling. Try jumping on board skateboard, get used to the shape and size of the board skateboard. There are two ways the attitude of standing on the skateboard board Goofy (right foot forward stance) and Regular (left foot forward stance). Determine the position where you feel comfortable is the most important. Do not decide your position by imitating your friends. Explore what you feel comfortable as a person’s ability can not be borrowed, instead. So decide for yourself. You can choose a common position which is usually used in skating with the left foot forward or an unusual position with his right foot in front. Some people may find comfort with the position of encouraging the board skateboard with tungkak legs, not with the heel. Determine the position most comfortable and easy that help maintain balance and pace of your movements.

Encouraging, Turning and braking Skateboard

Encourage the board skateboard easy easy not difficult, first you take a position on the board skateboard. Now imagine if you’re running. Put one leg behind you and start pushing. Then return your leg to its original position when you roll forward. When you feel comfortable, start with a more powerful push and bend your knees so that you can balance your body properly. Do not be anxious and afraid, but you have to be brave and have guts high. when you practice pushing a skateboard by bending your knees, try to shift your weight to the right side to turn left. And slide your weight onto the left side to turn to right. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but do not worry because at the time of determination and confidence that you will help. If you do not learn how to put the brakes on a skateboard, you will be excessive and menabrakan on something. Every time you get stuck in a situation like this try to let go and let your back foot planted on the ground. You can also use your tungkak if feel more comfortable. How to use tungkak tungkak is by dragging the ground, with half the front foot still on the board. Practice these things over until you can perfect. Once you are proficient with the steps mentioned above, you can start practicing some skateboarding tricks like the Ollie. Ollie is a basic trick,┬áif you have mastered the ollie then you can do tricks like a kickflip, heelflip, 50-50, melons, etc..
I hope all your doubts about the skateboard can be missed. If you find it difficult to play skateboard at first, do not give up, Because the skateboard must have big guts guts if you do not have the guts and courage, you will not be able to master the tricks in skateboarding.