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What happens to nokia? Declining sales into more trouble

With Increasing growth of gadgets, including the market competition is so strong, nokia finally have a big enough problem. What happened? Yes, as reported on VentureBeat, on sales of nokia which dropped dramatically. This may be one of the great things that have to be in the fix by the company (Nokia). Currently the company has announced results for the first quarter of 2012. with poor results, nokia net sales fell sharply from year to year, from $13.6 billion to $9.7 billion.

From these results the company posted a loss of $ 1.7 billion. Waw? There is the possibility of competition nokia will increasingly lag behind the android and Apple (IOS). Nokia CEO (Stephen Elop) said: a lot of losses due to one time costs of restructuring. nearly three-quarters billion cost for the massive restructuring that occurred in the company. If this condition continues, lumia 900 will probably be very difficult to compete with the android and apple.

But do not rule out the possibility if nokia make the new changes in its products. Because the quality and comfort in the product is a measure on the increase and decrease in sales. Let’s wait what will be done nokia to fix this sale.

Sony Launches Android 4.0 ROM for Xperia

owner of a Sony Xperia phones on the market, such as the Arc S, Neo V, and Ray, will hear good news. Sony made a smart phone users now have the opportunity to taste the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.
Sony is offering early access to software ROM (read only memory) Ice Cream Sandwich official beta version. ROM is not limited to developers and beta users who have been selected. Everyone can download and embed it into their own smart phones. However, Sony recommends that only advanced developers who already have a preferably using the software. This could mean there is no help if it is something bad happen after the user uses the software.

To be able to use the beta version of the ROM, the user needs to use the official bootloader from Sony. Using a bootloader of course means voiding the warranty in force. Reported by Android Community, the user needs are quite familiar with the ADB and fastboot to get the ROM and run it, and to date no Google Apps to be had. This means no Gmail, no YouTube, and so forth. Sony has not clearly stated whether the Android Market will be included in it, but if you’re worried, you should hold off for a while.

ZTE latest phones

This is the latest info phone ZTE. “ZTE plans to release two new LTE handsets at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in 2012 to be held in Barcelona. Both of these handsets will run the Android Operating System version 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwidch, and to support its performance, both have a chipset that is much faster than the previous ZTE handset with 1.2GHz and 1.5GHz speeds. The new handset supports LTE (Long-Term Evolution), which is a technology that is more sophisticated and faster than existing 3G standards.

The first smartphone, PF200, will have a capacitive type touch screen measuring 4.3 inches relieved with a resolution of 960×540 pixels (QHD), has a camera that can capture 8 megapixel images are very sharp, and the front facing camera with 1080p resolution that can be used to converse via video chat. Handset will work on the main spectrum of LTE, UMTS and GSM, and will come with features Bluetooth 2.1, GPS, WiFi, and A-GPS for maps and directions. Entertainment features in a smartphone is enriched with the functions of the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) and Mobile High-definition Link (SFM) that can be connected to audio devices in the home video wirelessly to enjoy entertainment such as high-definition movies and songs. To complement the need for a sophisticated lifestyle, also provided the capability Near-Field Communications (NFC) which can be used among others for mobile transactions. While ZTE N910, will work on LTE FDD spectrum, CDMA, and EV-DO. This device has a capacitive touch screen with WVGA resolution relief (800×480), has a 5MP camera with autofocus and flash, as well as 1080p front camera for video calls. Other features include GPOs reliable, WiFi, Bluetooth, and DLNA capabilities for wireless entertainment. “LTE devices is the vanguard of a number of LTE products to be presented by ZTE to the market in the next few months, and as more and more LTE networks are available,” said He Shiyou, Executive Vice President and Head of the Division of ZTE Terminals . “These products will be displayed as the main feature, in between the rows displayed by ZTE devices on the stand that was established at Mobile World Congress 2012.

Waw, Samsung Officially Announces Galaxy Tab 2

as we know! A few weeks before the Mobile World Congress later this month, Samsung has announced the arrival of the Galaxy Tab 2, a continuation of Android tablet. latest version of the Galaxy Tab 7-inch Android 4.0 operating system adopts Ice Cream Sandwich, and equipped kitchen runway processor speed 1GHz dual-brained.

“Galaxy Tab 2 will be available in two versions, WiFi and WiFi +3 G. The 3G version offers a connection speed of 21Mbps HSPA + with. While the screen will be using 1024×600 WSVGA TFT PLS. As expected, Samsung also includes Samsung Apps in it, such as Music Hub, Readers Hub, and Hub Games. In addition there is a new Video Hub that offers more than 1,000 movie titles to be purchased or rented, complete with reviews, trailers, and recommendations. New in the Galaxy Tab 2 is AllShare Play, a content sharing service that allows the tablet to play or perform live-streaming multimedia content from the PC, the other intelligent devices made by Samsung, as well as cloud-based storage services from third parties. Tablet Samsung’s latest creations will be available next month, although it remains unclear which region will get it the first time. we wait for further developments.