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The first question in the interview when you will start work

Did you know? of the many questions raised by the company when you apply for a job, there are only three main questions are always raised by the company. Which includes the ability, motivation, and suitability. here are three fundamental questions, and answers to how to respond in order to be able to convince the interviewer.

Are you able to do a good job?

This is the first question when you begin the interview. Through this question, the company tried to find out the strength you have. Assessment not only in terms of academic ability, but how do you have the soft skills like leadership and communication skills with others. Well, when the opportunity of this interview, You can explain in detail about the experiences of organizations and a number of projects you have attended.

The second question, will you love the job?

This question refers to how you can motivate yourself when a moment of boredom at work or when you are stuck in a field of work that you do not like. The Company will provide more value for prospective employees who could be motivated to work hard and complete responsibility given to him. Explain to the interviewer how you can cope with various conditions, either from colleagues or from the work itself.

And the third question is whether we are able to tolerate while working with you?

When you start the interview, the company will explain the work flow and system work in the company. Through this question, they are trying to find out about your readiness to adjust to the conditions and the prevailing culture in the company. and you should be able to convince the interviewer that you are a prospective employee who can adapt to the different cultures of work and you are able to comply with applicable policies at the company.