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Best Webhosting Vs Cheapest Webhosting

When building websites, web hosting is very important for the survival of your website or blog. everyone would be looking for a hosting that ensures always up. like me who is a blogger and internet marketer who rely on blogs as a place of business that brings thousands of visitors per month. when hosting down, it will be many loyal visitors or buyers will buy out the attack on our blog because the blog can not be accessed.

Top hosting companies must meet the following criteria:

  1. 100% UP-time server guarantee, this is the first and foremost requirement. because the server hosting is a place to store files blog or website. when the server is down, then your website or blog we will go down well. A great hosting at least guarantee at least 99% server up time.
  2. Fast access, it makes our blog quickly so do not make visitors wait long to open a page.
  3. Customer Service is always ready to solve the problems of your blog and have fast response as well.
    disk space and bandwidth is sufficient, look for hosting that provides unlimited disk space and bandwith if you are going to design a website big and can get tens of thousands or even millions of visits per month.
  4. Price, maybe a lot of people are relatively sought for hosting and I think this is also one consideration for choosing the hosting.

This is following list of the top hosting companies in my opinion:

  1. ixwebhosting
  2. BlueHost
  3. Hostmonster
  4.   iPower
  5. Startlogic
  6.   Hostpapa
  7. Powweb
  8. dot5hosting
  9. HostGator
  10. Anhosting

cheapest webhosting and following my version:

  •   ipage
  •   Fatcow
  •   InMotion
  •   HostGator
  •   JustHost
  •   webhostinghub
  •   Hostmonster
  •   bluehost
  •   Greengeeks
  •   GoDaddy

The companies above are some of the best and cheapest hosting according to my version and could be a consideration for those of you who are looking for hosting.

Manage Your Banking Online Easier

Manage Your Banking Online Easier,

Amid the development of the IT world, people are getting facilitated with many facilities that are supported by IT. Not exception with banking world that  feel positive impact of IT developments. Previously  we have to go to the bank to transfer, save money, cash withdrawal etc.. then comes a machine called ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) that serves to cash withdrawal, transfer, and others. so we do not have to go to the bank anymore to do  above process. The bank usually put ATM in strategic places such as shopping centers, hospitals, or tem [at other busy with the aim of helping its customers to perform banking processes from various places.
internet banking




After the rapidly growing Internet, Bank was expanded to  Online Banking facility. with Online banking we just sit in front of a computer that connected to the internet, then you can do online transactions with Online Banking. Just not able to make cash withdrawals.

Then, when the world’s growing telecommunications is characterized by the increasing number of mobile phones, mobile banking emerged. Function of internet banking is that you can check balances, transfer, directly from mobile phones which your handheld.

in addition to the above, there is also a Credit Card facility. with this you do not need to carry cash when you shop. just give the credit card to the cashier for payment. course with the terms and conditions applied by each bank.

all facilities in the bank, can still be carried out until now. starting from the conventional way by going to the bank, internet banking, mobile banking, and credit cards.