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Neat Apartment Design Inspiration

when comparing the residential area an average apartment is not as wide as ordinary houses, but by no means clean and easily overlooked kerapiannya. For those of you who live in apartments of course want a convenient, healthy and elegant. these tips to get the atmosphere of the apartment is clean, neat, stylish and did not seem narrow. These tips on design of Italian architect Tim Carola Vannini. And What should be noticed in the arrangement of the house?

Room openings as wide as possible

  • If your apartment has many rooms, as much as possible for the room that are interconnected with large openings. Many rooms that are connected to create a spacious impression. Examples such as the family room and pantry. Both areas need not be separated, so the room looks like a big room with no obstructions.
  • Note the color of the interior

  • Apartment interior design is dominated by the white color that creates the impression of clean and bright. Iridescence is located on some walls are brightly colored such as orange and green to create a room that is not monotonous. Choose one color as the main theme of your apartment. White color can be your primary choice because the white color to create the impression of a neat, clean, spacious, and bright. Then mix with other bright colors as a vocal point in the room.
  • Connecting room accents

  • At this apartment interior and exterior architect linking use of interior wood floors in the apartment to the balcony outside. Private area consists of three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a workspace. The walls of the hall to be designed with the use of open cabinets and light game.
  • Harmonization of space

  • Harmonization of the room arrangement is very important that the room in your apartment does not look like the rooms that stand alone, give an interior element is the continuation of the room. Use the same type of flooring for a room to create a harmonious and interesting.