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Camera Brackets: When and how to use them

We already have the cameras. Exit recording is the next step, but ? handheld or tripod? In this new installment of the video Special analyzed the most used camera mounts. When and how to use them, in what circumstances and in what way are some of the tips that I give to bring forth the most of your cameras .

As discussed along so far Special video before recording it is essential to think about the end of the video we want to do , particularly after recording: we will ride or not? If we’re going to edit the recorded takes , should think about the pace we want to give the video. A succession of static shots tripod and very fast music may not make much sense, and conversely, quiet music and constant swaying movements on each image for bringing the camera in hand, you can not look good. To avoid all these “imperfections” are the camera mounts . We have many types, static and dynamic, more weight or less weight, prices and brands. Begin.


It is a necessary element in video and can hardly be over that we have one at home. As a general rule, we will take if we hope to record something longer than a duration of 10-15 minutes and not think continuous change of plane, for example, a classical music concert. There tripods of all styles, from compact to very small (similar to the photo cameras) to the professionals with whom you will not have trouble making very smooth camera movements without changing the camera site.

There are many good brands of tripods. A traditional can be Velbon , and current Manfrotto . The important thing is that the tripod you choose whether for video , since the head must move very smoothly in any direction while you are recording (movements pan and tilt ), and that special need in photo is not paramount. Hence the difference between a tripod for photography and one for video. Yet, as we move into a home video stage between cameras and camcorders, I have chosen the example of a mixed tripod for photo and video from Sony (VCT-80AV Tripod with Remote in Grip), quite stable, light weight and with a very reasonable price, 80 euros , which is what you see in the image above these lines.


Your arm and the palm of your hand are the cheapest camera support you can find. Sony always has boosted its “Handycam”. Personally, camera in hand recording is my preferred choice today. It’s the fastest and most versatile. You can change your position constantly , follow a character and have the freedom to move anywhere you subtract a tripod anchored to the ground. In addition, a well recorded level handheld adds rhythm to the scene , something television. However, the disadvantages are many: first, although depending on what your camera, you must have a good biceps to hold for an indefinite time the whole. Your arm will get tired very quickly if you are not recording camera in hand, but this can be trained.

You can enter in any situation , but if you do not concentrate well in the picture, it is very easy to become unstable without knowing it. The immediacy of handheld camera allows you to press the button REC and get to record thinking in action, without worrying about adjusting tripod or any other items that take more than a minute of time. It is also true that almost always opt for the camera in hand, our video will involve an issue , nevertheless we are not perfect. And finally, not everyone likes the camera in hand, however realistic it is. The picture swings can stun some viewers who are not used to a high rate of image. I think handheld recording is a very personal decision.


As its name suggests, a monopod is like a tripod but of one foot . It’s like if you were to remove one of the legs to the tripod to stabilize the camera. It has the advantage of very little though , be very versatile and can take it in any situation . It offers 100% statism tripod is an intermediate step between it and the recording in hand, but is very stable. If by some chance the camera must move quickly, you can lift the whole pulling the monopod and find a new position quickly and easily. With a tripod would probably be more difficult or maybe you should remove almost everything.

There are many brands and are usually quite affordable. For about 20 euros you can get a monopod average for both photo cameras to camcorders. Also, another detail that usually carry is their own foot.They have a removable wheel in which you can select a rubber sole (smooth) or metal skewer (sandy soils, for example) to avoid that the whole can slip .

Image Stabilizers

Surely the word steadycam will sound familiar. It is an image stabilizer system widely used in film and television, especially television, and bases its action on a few points of support on a metal structure and the center of gravity of the body of the camera used. Following this discovery, there were many systems to stabilize the image, both inside and outside the chamber, some of them very comfortable.

One system Steadycam derivatives, is the Glidecam . For cameras and not so domestic household works perfectly. As you can see in the picture, the usage is very simple: the camera is placed on the shoe and hold the entire assembly with the handle. The lower balances stabilize the overall system weight with the center of gravity, reducing very significantly all image jumps when we move to the record. other camera stabilization system is stabcam d-300 produced by Russia at $ 300 USD with the same function with the Glidecam stabilization system for cameras weighing up to 3 kg.

List of best hotels in Russia

If now you have a plan to go on vacation to Russia, you should read the guidelines in full. Whether it’s about the location and the other places you want to visit. included in choosing a place to rest or selecting the best hotel in Russia. There are so many lodging places that you can choose, one that you can visit Saint Petersburg Hotel. Well, here is a list of hotels that you can choose before you go on vacation to Russia:

*M Hotel

“M Hotel” is a conveniently located inexpensive and comfortable hotel in the heart of St. Petersburg. The hotel is situated within the Golden Triangle district close to the Hermitage, the Kazan Cathedral, the Russian museum etc. There are lots of cute cafes and restaurants nearby. “M hotel” features 54 rooms including 3 suites and 8 superior rooms. Stay at this hotel, and you will definitely visit St. Petersburg again!


*Saint Petersburg Hotel

The Saint Petersburg Hotel is located in one of the most picturesque areas of St. Petersburg. The hotel offers definitely the best view over the Neva river. The hotel is not new, but features clean comfortable rooms at very reasonable rates. Moreover, guests enjoy easy access to many tourist attractions: the Hermitage, the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Summer Garden, as well as to major business centers. Come and see the fabulous panoramic view of the city’s embankments.


*Radisson Royal Hotel

The Radisson SAS Royal Hotel has a prime location on the main street of St. Petersburg – Nevsky Prospect and is close to the famous Anichkov Bridge. Situated in the very heart of the city, this 5-star hotel is only a short distance from all major cultural and historical attractions, including The Hermitage, The State Russian Museum and The Mariinsky Theatre. Dating back to 1730, the building in which the hotel is hosted has a colorful history and is thought to be among the first erected in the city. The interior has been completely reconstructed, and the facade has been restored to its former glory, retaining original features – many of which are almost 300 years old.


*Kristoff Hotel

The new cozy Kristoff Hotel is located in the city center of St. Petersburg and has a very nice homestyle atmosphere making it a great place for both tourists and business travelers. The staff strives to fulfill even the most demanding customers´ needs. The hotel is located not far from the city´s central market, jazz club and the famous Troika restaurant.


This info was quoted from site best hotels russia, ok, if you want to see a detailed list of hotels and want to know more about all the lodging facilities in several hotels russia, you can visit the official website at -st-petersburg/radisson-royal-hotel-hotel.html

Okay, congratulations on vacation in russia!

Lviv City Ukraine

Dominican catedral chruch image by

Poland-Ukrainian EURO 2012 has ended, but the host organization of the EURO has an exotic beauty. one Lviv city in the ukraine. This is one of the world’s historic cities with urban heritage and the building still smelled of ancient Europe. Lviv is one of the established world heritage by UNESCO.

Geographically, lviv located on meridians 24 ° of East longitude in the Eastern Hemisphere (East of Greenwich), The integer meridians 22 ° to 28 ° (inclusive) of East longitude constitute the group of seven integer meridians longest covered with land by more than 63%.
This city is witness to the history that happened in ukraine, europe be destroy. Unlike some who have experienced war ukraine (Polish-Ukrainian War, Galicia-Volhynia Wars, etc).

when you visit the city of Lviv, you can stay and enjoy the atmosphere from city hotels in lviv ukraine. many hotels that you can choose according to your skills course. enjoy historical town with many old buildings still preserved.

some recommendations when you are tourist attractions in the city such lviv, Chapel of the Boim family, Lviv Opera and Ballet Theatre, the Renaissance yard of King Jan III Sobieski House, Dominican Church, The Church of the Assumption., St. George’s Cathedral, Monument to King Jan Sobieski, Palace of Potocki family, Kryvka Church and many more.

Island of The Dolls

island of the dolls image by

What do you think of when mentioning doll? you will definitely think funny, adorable, and it will be your children’s toys. But you will change your mind if you bekunjung to island of dolls, which located in the Xochimilco, Mexico City, Mexico. not as the name suggests, the island is very far from funny. on the contrary, that this place is creepy.

as reported by the Telegraph on Friday (27/07/2012), belonged to an island named Julian Santana Barrera was pretty creepy. scattered throughout the island bald doll, shirtless and hung almost all the trees along the island. somehow possible from the weather which makes them dull and many no longer intact.

it begins with Julian island of isolating himself, and then he found the body of a young woman floating at one river there. pity, julian mengganungkan also paid tribute to the baby doll.
Julian died in 2001 and the island was no longer berpenghunio. if you want to taste a creepy island, you can directly come to mexico.

recognition by visitors who’ve been, they feel no one noticed, some even claiming that the doll is what kept staring.


work will drain your mind and your energy. it never hurts for a little vacation. Where are you planning a vacation later this year?? I think you need to think about your holiday destination. europe, usa, asia, or find a tropical country for sunbathing on the beach? I have a recommendation for a place that suits you make a vacation destination. That place is phuket.

why phuket?
phuket thailand is a coastal region known to the world for its beauty. Here you can enjoy a holiday that will make you yearn for a return to phuket. not only the beach, phuket now growing rapidly in the world of tourism after the tsunami hit in 2004, Phuket is now taking shape and becoming one of the exotic tourist destinations in the southeast asia.


in addition to a beautiful beach, phuket also has facilities that are complete for any local or foreign tourist. to unwind will work, you can try a massage in phuket, patong. This will make you relax and loosen muscles are tense due to hit during routine work.

I think phuket is one of heaven’s in south east asia. because there are many other heavens like Bali in Indonesia. you will feel the beauty of life while in south east asia.
determine the year-end holiday destination you now before running out of places to stay. because the Southeast Asian tourist destinations to be one of the many countries in the world.