Top Ten Diamond Producers Countries

Traditionally we think the largest diamond producer in the world is South Africa and it is one of the largest producers but not the most.
Although it is believed that most of the diamonds from South Africa, their production is distributed among 25 different countries in the entire globe.
The largest producer is Botswana, which extracts fourth overall percentage as far as value is concerned. Immediately following is Russia, with 22%, and South Africa and Canada.


- Botswana: Today the leading producer of gem quality diamonds with a total of 29% of total world production. His pipes were in 1971, 1977 and 1982.


-South Africa: It has been the most important producer of the century but has seen its production.Its mines, discovered in the late nineteenth century are the most famous in the world, such as Kimberley, De Beers, Wesselton etc. Their deposits are both primary and secondary.


-Russia important primary deposits were located from the middle of the century in Yakutia (Siberia). Today, it produces 22% of world production are rare but sizes over 1 carat.


-Namibia: Discovered in the early at the mouth of the Orange River are secondary deposits in the world, although production is 9.8% of the world total.


-Australia: Discovered in 1980, are the latest sites. His pipes began to blow something up later, reaching 9.2% of world production. Production is expected to increase, but unfortunately it is far superior industrial quality. The deposits are primary.


- Zaire: Being the largest overall producer of diamonds in the world, over 95% of its total production is industrial. In gem quality, production is 4.8% of the world total. His pipes were found highly concentrated in the first decade of the century


-Brazil: The quintessential gems producer, is the youngest of diamond producers today with 2.6% of the total. Their secondary deposits appeared in the eighteenth century, being at that time along with India the only producers. The size of the stones in general, not very big. That is Ocean Paradise diamond and owned by Nashonov Group with Fancy greenish blue color


-India: Worth a special mention as it has been the only producer of some importance of diamonds in the world until the eighteenth century, giving immense humanity and famous gems as the Great Mogul, 780 carat rough, or Kohinur of 672 carats rough and 793 according to some sources QTEs as others. Today, their secondary deposits are exhausted.


-Borneo: diamonds were found here since ancient times in secondary deposits. production has not been as important as in India, but also large diamonds out. Today there is no exploitation.


-United States: Diamonds found in North Carolina, Georgia, California and Oregon. The stones are isolated and associated metals like gold and platinum. In northern Virginia, a diamond appeared QTEs 23.75 after carving is known from “On-i-nur” or sun light. In any case there is no significant production
Diamonds are formed deep within the earth under extreme conditions of heat and pressure. Are placed on the surface through a molten rock type known as volcanic pipes.
Due to their small size or slight imperfections, not all diamonds can become gemstones. In this case, are used for a variety of industrial applications, for example for drilling or polishing all types of materials.
Diamonds may be produced artificially by using synthetic materials and applying high pressure techniques and reacted together in different gases.


The largest diamond mine in the world is located in the town of Mirny, Eastern Siberia in Russia, I leave several pictures of this true wonder of the mining industry, where it shows its size when compared to the buildings of the city with 1200 meters in diameter and over 500 deep.