Tips For Writing Resume

When you look for a job, you must include a resume as part of the job application. resume or curriculum vitae is the exposure that describes your educational background, your skills, and your work experience. resume will be the first time the work is read by the recipient. therefore it should be interesting and can ensure that you are eligible for the job.

you can not write a resume as you like, there are some important things you could be the benchmark in creating a resume. Resume Writing Tips are a few:

  1. write resume honestly
  2. write a resume on plain paper with no background.
  3. Writing a resume should be short, concise, and clear and uncomplicated
  4. pay attention to grammar and punctuation.
  5. Make your resume with a typed, not handwritten.
  6. attach photos to formal wear.
  7. attach important documents that support such as diplomas, transcripts, etc.

in addition to the above, the following frame or sequence information in the resume:

  1. Personal Data , containing the name, address, place of birth, religion, marital status, no contact can be reached ..
  2. Education, here is a place to write a history of your education, both formal and non-formal education from the first to the last one you have to write and later attach diplomas and transcripts of education last
  3. Ability / skill, here is where you write down all the skills and expertise that you control so that people can put you in accordance with your skills and expertise.
  4. Work experience, here a place to write your work experience. just write all the work you’ve ever lived.
  5. Experience Organization (optional), the writing experience in the organization when you are in school or college.
  6. Work Reference , work references is crucial. Try to only include the name and phone number someone who really knows us and can provide positive information about us.

after you know the things that are important in writing a resume, you please write a resume examples to be one of the requirements to apply for jobs.