Important characteristics of Initial Phase and Growth Entrepreneurship

Based on the results of a study of 115 small business winning in Madison County made by the author concluded that in general the growth of entrepreneurship in small business has three important characteristics, namely (1) phases of imitation and duplication (imitating and duplicating), (2) stage duplication and development (duplicating and developing), (3) stages of creating its own goods and services are different (creating new and different).
In the first stage, the process of imitation and duplication of entrepreneurs began to imitate other people’s ideas, for example, to initiate or to pioneer new business venture begins with imitating others, in creating the type of goods to be produced to imitate an existing one. Production engineering, design, processing, business organization, and patterns that mimic existing marketing. Some specific skills or experience gained through internships either of family or others. However, not a few entrepreneurs who are successful because of the observation.
Furthermore, the duplication and the development stage, entrepreneurs began to develop new ideas. In the duplication stage of the product, for example, entrepreneurs began to develop its products through diversification and differentiation of the design itself. Similarly, in business and marketing organizations began to develop its own marketing models. Although at this stage been progressing slowly and tend to be less dynamic, but there has been little change. For example, designs and techniques that tend to be monotonous, it may be changed from three to five years, the marketing tend to be dominated by other forms of monophony by collectors such as small businesses in general. Some of them there are also entrepreneurs who follow the model tends to act as marketing and market follower and a few more companies to follow the will of traders. After duplication and development stage, and then create their own stages of something new and different with their own ideas to continue to grow. Tada this stage entrepreneurship is usually got bored with the existing production process, want know, dissatisfaction with the existing results begin to arise and the desire to achieve superior results in passionate. At this stage of the business organization began to be expanded on a massive scale as well, created their own products based on observations from the market and based on the needs of consumers, there is a desire to be a challenger to the market (market challenger) and even the market leader (market leader). Unique products that are driven by the market (market driven) started to be created and tailored to the development of existing techniques. Some certain small industries, small industries such as footwear and industrial convection began to challenge the market (market challenger), while other industries that use traditional production techniques and modern semi is still a follower of the market (market follower).