Feed Is Good For Cattle Sheep

a). Green feed
Raw foods can be given to the sheep are feeding forage and concentrates. Green feed is roughage in the form of grass, agricultural waste and various kinds of grass and legume superior. Forage is the main food for sheep that are not only functions as a stomach filler, but also as a source of nutritional protein, vitamins and minerals. Type of grass that the sheep are given to including the king of grass, elephant grass grown on land with high rainfall and grass Bengal and Setaria grass and dry land. Among other types of legume lamtoro, Jayanti, Kaliandra and turi.
System of grass and legume crops are among the other intercropping with cash crops (tree plantations), the corridor system, the system of feed garden, courtyard garden systems, fence systems and systems of three strata. Guidance for planting grass and legume in accordance with the system provided to farmers by the Animal Husbandry Department in accordance with technical guidance issued by the Directorate of Production, the Ministry of Agriculture.
b). Concentrate feed
Concentrate feed amplifier is rich in carbohydrates and protein such as corn, rice bran and oilcake-bungkilan. Concentrate feed can be purchased in its finished form and can be purchased in the form of foodstuffs such as rice bran, rice bran, corn, etc.. Concentrates are used primarily during growth, during pregnancy or while breast-feeding for the mother. Concentrate for sheep contain less than 18% fiber and easily digested. Farmers feed forage with concentrate feed so that all food substances necessary for growth of production and reproduction can be met.
Concentrate composition Eat
Concentrated Raw Materials Semi-intensive Care Intensive Care
Bran 60% 60%
Coconut cake 33% 18%
Soybean meal – 5%
Milled yellow corn – 10%
Bone meal 5% 5%
Salt 2% 2%
Number of 100% 100%

Number of Provision of Intensive Care Feeding for Sheep
Classification of Foods Green sheep (kg) Concentrate
Lambs after weaning (3-6 months) 3 0.20
Young sheep (6-12 months) 4 0.25
Parent adult sheep 6 0.25
8 adult male sheep 0.50
Pregnant mother sheep 7 0.40
Mother sheep lactation (breastfeeding) 7 0.45
In addition to roughage (grass, leaves) and sheep concentrate is also given mineral substances (such as Ca, Mg, Na and K). Urea fertilizer can be mixed into food, for the urea serves as a food supplement for sheep. The use of antibiotics in an attempt to treat diseases of sheep are given as well as an adjunct to improve the efficiency of food use, although drug antibiotic is not food.