Costa Rica Beauty

Where would you go for the next holiday?
Every person needs a vacation after a long time to work. Many places that can be a vacation spot like going to the beach, mountains, playground and more. Or exit the country with the aim of the countries that have a beautiful tourist attraction, facilities, and cheap. Usually people go to the countries of Europe, Asia, America and even Africa.
I would like to introduce a country in Central America has many natural tourist attractions and That country  is Costa Rica.


This Ex Spanish colony is compose of seven provinces has affect a lot of variety of food that their civilization. One of costa rica food is Gallo Pinto commonly eaten for breakfast by  Costa Rican.  Other than that a lot of Asian food, wrap food, french foods and others that can be found in Costa Rica . Ranging from one-star food to five star hotel food.

For those of you who love to shop, in Costa Rica  are also many shops that will spoil you. Many costa rica stores that offer varying products such as accessories, clothing, art, etc.

When you in Costa Rica  you do not have to worry about where to eat. As I discussed above, that in Costa Rica  a large selection of food from various countries around the world. And it is evidenced by the many restaurants. All foods can be found in costa rica restaurants.

Besides to the above matters, there is still a very supportive facility for tourists are domestic or foreign tourists adequate lodging. You can find many costa rica hotels scattered in various places on the coast, the mountains, even the forest. The Palms is a costa rica hotel that provides the best facilities in strategic locations and directly overlooking the sea. You can enjoy the beautiful beach with the sun directly on the beach or the pool which is one of the hotel facilities. And I think this place really deserves to be a place for your honeymoon for the newly married couple.
It’s so beautiful Because this is a Costa Rica beauty.