Entrepreneurial Personal Characteristics

Entrepreneurial personality traits studied to determine the individual characteristics that distinguishes an entrepreneur and not the entrepreneur.
David McCleland indicate a positive correlation between the behavior of people who have high achievement motive with entrepreneurial behavior.
Characteristics of people who have high achievement motives are:
1. Selecting the risk of “moderate” in his actions he chose to do something that no challenge, but with enough possibilities to succeed.
2. Taking personal responsibility for actions. It means very little inclination to seek out “scapegoats” for the failure or transgression.
3. Looking for feedback (feed back) about his actions.
4. Trying to do things in new ways.
Attempts to reveal the main characteristics of entrepreneurship are also carried out by experts using the theory of the location of the control (locus of control) is presented by JB Rotter. The theory describes how to put the location of control because of an incident in his life. Did the incident cause by a factor in itself and within the scope of control or factors beyond its control.
Two categories of control according to Rotter location is:
- Internal
People who think that he has control over what will be achieved. This characteristic is in line with the characteristics of entrepreneurs such as quicker to accept the renewal (innovation).
- External
People who think success is not solely dependent on one’s business, but also by luck, fate, or reliance on the other hand, because of the great powers around someone.
Management Systems International mentions personal characteristics of entrepreneurs (personal entrepreneurial characteristics) as follows:
1. Looking for opportunities
2. Tenacity
3. Responsibility to work
4. Demands for quality and efficiency
5. Risk-taking
6. Setting the target
7. Looking for information
8. Systematic planning and monitoring
9. Persuasion and networking / connections
10. Self-confidence