New Ways to Keep Warm

You can layer up indoors and out this winter to stay warm and save energy and money on heating efforts. Knit garments are a stylish way to stay warm while looking hot. Knitted clothing has been fashionable for centuries and isn’t likely to disappear soon, so durable natural fiber garments are a good investment that can be worn for generations.


Sheep wool, cashmere, angora, and alpaca are the most commonly-worn natural fiber knit garments because they are the warmest and most widely available. Sheep wool garments are the most economic choice, but are also the least desirable: while warm, they must be extra bulky to compete with the warmth that just a thin layer can provide when made with superior natural fibers, not to mention the discomfort many experience with sheep wool. They are also more difficult to maintain and don’t last as long.


Cashmere, angora, and alpaca are set apart from sheep wool for their extreme warmth and softness. Unlike sheep wool, these softer natural fiber garments are meant to be worn against bare skin, helping them to capture and retain more heat. Of the three, alpaca is not only the most cost-effective fiber, but also the warmest and easiest to care for. Alpaca wool is softer and stronger than cashmere and much more attainable than angora, making it a good choice for a luxury garment that will last.


Alpaca Jackets are an excellent alternative to synthetic outer layers intended to repel wind and water. Alpaca wool resists water and the lower-micron fiber typically used for outer layers is spun into a thicker yarn that is often felted to create a garment that’s as windproof as any synthetically treated winter coat.


Alpaca Sweaters can be worn indoors and out, making them extremely versatile and functional. With 22 natural hues and limitless naturally-dyed colors, a sweater can be found in any style to match any wardrobe. You can reduce the number of items in your closet with a few quality sweaters that match a large number of other wardrobe items.


Alpaca Shawls are a stylish alternative to sweaters and coats that have also stood the fashionable test of time. Shawls are popular in many different cultures around the world, often for their warmth and versatility. Many square or rectangular shawls can also be worn as scarves, skirts or wraps. A luxurious alpaca shawl is lightweight, flowing, and billowy, and can be paired with many different outfits for indoor and outdoor use nearly year round.