How to avoid distractions when you’re writing a dissertation

There are a few tips for you to write a better dissertation. Yes .. first we have to be careful and make a plan first before writing a topic we choose, and Some of the following tips will help you to avoid distractions when you’re writing a dissertation.

Choose the topic carefully

Don’t forget that a dissertation is a long piece of work and, for the length of time that you take to write it, you will need to remain as focused as possible. This means that you need to consider the topic very carefully. It needs to be something that really interests you, but you also need to consider the research process – if you choose a topic on which it is very difficult to find information, you are bound to be very frustrated and therefore distracted. There is a difference between setting yourself a challenge and trying to do the impossible.

Ensure you have the necessary skills

There are many different aspects to completing a dissertation – it is usually very far from just sitting down with lots of books and writing. You may need to complete fieldwork, conduct experiments, process data, interview relevant people amongst other things. Make sure that you have the necessary skills. If you need to process data, for example, perhaps you need to take a course in statistics as early on in the process as possible. If you find that you don’t have the necessary skills as you go along, it will be very easy to procrastinate.

Plan your research carefully

The research process is probably going to be the longest, hardest and most frustrating part of your dissertation. You need to plan very carefully, especially if you need to fit in fieldwork and interviews. When you are relying on other people for information, things often go wrong; for example, they don’t turn up or aren’t available when you want to see them. Make sure you fit in some time for a contingency plan in case things don’t work out. You will find that, the more you plan, the less likely you are to let distractions put you off your final goal.

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