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Best Furniture

Do you know the latest models of furniture products? its development was started to give a lot of changes, including the value of the property is very elegant. In fact, the beauty of the furniture there is often a choice of expatriate. Kemang furniture is synonymous with excessive night tour. Just imagine, along Jalan Kemang Raya, lined up a variety of cafes and restoran.Tawarannya every variety of taste to the western archipelago. However, Kemang is not only famous for nongkrongnya place. If you notice, at various angles visible from dozens of furniture stores provide antique and unique.

Furniture offered was varied and the model types and materials. Some are made of rattan teak wood from Borneo or Jepara. There is a craft that is the result of the nation, but not a bit too sophisticated designs design of the hands of expert furniture makers from abroad. One of the furniture center in Kemang is in Saberro House.

In this place, there are some very tempting furniture outlets. One is the Gallery Cafe Koi. Although Kemang is not too large, a furniture store in this area is complete. Want Newfangled repro furniture for this model, you can find in Kemang. Koi Cafe Gallery is special. Therefore, the gallery is taking the material as the material basis of the UK. As for the manufacturing is done in Jepara or Cirebon. No wonder so many expats spend some time looking for furniture in this place.

The Association said Kemang is not only entertainment, but also mahal.Namun for furniture business, it is another matter. If you want to dress the house, but is hampered by financial factors, a large selection of furniture stores that do not suck your pockets too. As Khalim Rattan Furniture, Rattan House, Cinnamon household appliances, or Koi Gallery Cafe could be an alternative choice. The price offered was quite reasonable, while still having good quality.

Well, for those of you who are interested in a furniture hunt in Kemang, just to spend Rp 125,000 – Rp 8 million, you can arrange residential interior with a small basket of sweet wrapped in a cloth or a set of dining table with stylish models. It was incredible, would you be interested? if yes immediately come to Indonesia.

Hair Care Tips To Stay Healthy

Many people often forget about hair care, even some of those who do not have time to care for her own hair, probably because of busy work so they do not have time or they never knew how to care for her hair to stay healthy. and it is this simple tips for your hair care:

Set Healthy Lifestyle

The first suggestion for the treatment of hair to be more healthy you should set a schedule adequate rest. This greatly affects the health condition of the hair, the first thing you should do is to exercise regularly, eat nutritious foods that contain vitamin A, C, E because this vitamin is very helpful at all in your hair health.

Keeping Quality of Sleep

Adequate rest is maintaining sleep patterns as closely as possible, you try to sleep enough, why? Yes because if irregular sleep patterns or lack of rest it is very annoying once on hair health, and also can result your hair will not get enough nutrients and may also cause your hair to be dull.

Choose Products That Match

To select the appropriate product for hair care, of course you must know your hair type and fitting disposable products which. adjust the product before you buy shampoo or other hair oils. if you do not know and worried, you should go to a salon treatments to get more detailed information. Do not forget if you buy a product preview shampoo composition, avoid products made from alcohol that are too high as this can damage your hair health. so if you do not know which products are suitable, you should first check with the place specially hair care.

In order for your hair has always maintained his health, you should begin to organize a healthy lifestyle is simple but useful. Do this step every day to get better results.

Overcome Hair Loss

Hair is the crown that is very valuable, but often times without us knowing we are experiencing hair loss problems. yes To overcome this, the use of shampoo alone is not enough. Hair vitamins are needed in order to decrease the frequency of loss.

How often does your hair fall out? If the rate of loss is too severe, it sounds like you need to do special handling measures before your hair is thinning and not the beautiful views. Yes, the causes of hair loss are diverse. ranging from stress, smoking up to a lack of balanced nutrients in the body. The problem, in a metropolitan city with high employment levels and household roles exacerbate the increasingly severe the hair loss.

In Indonesia alone, hair loss is the most important issue for women’s hair Indonesia and most worried about the level of the sufferer. Based on research that dilakukanoleh Research International in 2008 to 601 women and 201 men Indonesia, hair care product users, as many as 36 percent of women experience hair loss Indonesia and 78 percent of them are very worried about the hair loss problem.

Meanwhile, 16 percent of Indonesian men claimed to have hair loss problems and 75 percent of them are very worried about the hair loss problem. The most alarming of these disorders is no longer grow hair and will cause baldness. Baldness starts with thinning of the thickness of the capillary followed by the loss of an increasingly deteriorating.

In general, the normal hair cycle actually consists of three phases, of which the growth phase (anagen), resting phase (cantagen), and phase loss (telogen). If examined further, in fact hair loss is a natural phase that happens to everyone. And you need not worry because in a state of the normal cycle, the hair will grow back approximately 1 to 1.5 cm / month for the Asian race.

But when you’re experiencing hair loss exceeds 100 strands per day, then you need to beware. Especially in the area of hair loss is no longer experiencing hair growth. Usually, one of them due to the hardening of collagen at the base of the hair, under our scalp. Consequently, the hardening of collagen will close the base of the hair, makes it difficult absorption of nutrients, leading to unification between the base of the hair and scalp become weak, and the capillary fiber becomes thinner. If not treated, ramput will fall faster, which will cause the first signs of thinning and baldness.

Not only that, the hair was no longer experiencing a growth phase (anagen). And, when no longer grow hair, baldness means even threatening. To overcome this course special care is needed before it’s too late. “Aminexil latest innovation is the active molecule that was created and has been patented by L’oreal Research Laboratories France, which works against the hardening of collagen which results in hair loss and strengthen the base of the hair on the scalp and reduce hair loss. Garnier Neril Aminexil Aminexil combine with active concentrates from fruits to produce an intensive treatment for hair loss “said William, Marketing Manager of Garnier Indonesia as a release received Legal, recently

Given these requirements, then the hair loss shampoo is not enough antirontok resolved. Because the function is just shampoo the scalp clean from dirt and oil while to overcome the causes of hair loss in the hair shaft. Hair loss itself usually starts from the base of the hair which is located on the scalp so as to overcome them required intensive treatment that works up to the base of the hair to reduce hair loss. “Aminexil clinically tested, loss is reduced from one week of usage, and the most visible within six weeks of regular use” he added. Garnier Neril Aminexil with active concentrates of fruits, combine fructose, glucose, vitamins B3, B6 and AHA from fruit to be a strong support base of the hair which is the active ingredient that helps hair growth. So, more prevention is better than cure right?


The elegant comfort of the room

Hello, as you know life is always filled with color. With color, life becomes more beautiful. But, did you know that each color must have a different character? and it is extremely important in managing the home you love.

What color is appropriate? nah to choose colors that match the interior design and personality, you need to know the character of that fits the color first. By knowing the nature and character of each color, you will not be incorrect to determine the color that suits the personality and layout.

Touch of color in every home interior wall is actually reflect the creativity of imaginary occupants of the house to fit their personalities. It is believed to create balance, harmony childbirth, as well as a perfect life for all residents.

“The strength of the colors are usually very big influence on the psychology of its inhabitants. Sometimes the color is also often associated with Feng Shui world, ” hehe.

There are many colors that can be selected in addition to color dasar.Hanya, if one chose, in Feng Shui is believed to provide unwanted effects.

we added that color has a very unique character. Some colors have an energetic character, active, aggressive, warm, communicative, optimistic, enthusiastic, and excited. Take for example the red. This color can be associated with ambition, giving the impression of sensual, and willpower.

The most appropriate red was applied to the kitchen and dining room. A simple example was to show that you should not see eye color strength. Jane Feng Shui Master Kumala even say, the color elements can make a person better quality of life. Another color that has a strong character is orange.believe it or not is up to you, but most importantly in structuring the room is to choose colors that correspond to the character or the color you like.

The importance of learning to write

Do you know? Writing can distribute ideas. The activity also makes children more creative and think more independently. Unfortunately, it is rarely noticed.

In many of the world, reading literary works are required for children of primary school age. Once read, they are required to retell in written form. In Indonesia, such things were not commonly done. Reading culture in Indonesia has not rooted, including in children. Moreover, asking the children to pour their creative ideas in the form of creative writing.

In fact, such activity is a valuable learning experience for children. When planned in accordance with the ability to make the children are able to pour the mind in writing such as poetry, stories, diaries, or hymn stanzas.

“So far in Indonesia school lessons applied only in accordance with the prescribed curriculum. Not much to add a mandatory writing activities in the activity,” said Head Nuts SD Kebon Kusumo Widianto Central Jakarta.

For example, a child who had just started learning to read can dictate words or sentences and then written by the teacher. Or, a child who wrote a letter to his friend and explain the main points of the lesson, it means that he is developing his skills in communicating in written form.

According Widi, writing for children can enhance creativity and even the children are trained to write smoother callous and care about the suffering of others.

“Usually the kids who sank or concerned about an event, will be able to write good poems or able to write a touching letter,” he said.

Research conducted by a psychologist, Pennebeker expressed in a book entitled Opening Up: The Healing Power of Emotions expressing explained, writes emotion in a post, can make children more easily understand yourself well to others and the environment.

“Obstacles that we face now is indifference to the need for parents to write to their children,” said Widianto again.

It was recognized by one parent, Agustina Nainggolan. He confessed, did not pay attention to writing children’s activities. After knowing the benefits of school writing, Agustina claimed to want to help their children in a writing sense.

“If writing can make children better, I will help my child write down his ideas,” he explained again.

For children who have experienced sexual violence or domestic violence, writing can help eliminate the trauma suffered